Objection to 3 Quakers Rd, Mosman (2014)

To provide support documentation for Don Fox Planning Objection to 3 Quakers Rd, Mosman Development Application. Dec 2014

Below: CAD View Reference Plan:
Black and white A4 or A3 CAD printout to scale.  Includes survey information if available, scale bar, north point, bearings and known RL's.  Photograph locations are recorded at time of taking photograph, time permitting.

Below: View Reference Plan:
Colour A4 printout which includes photograph of where photomontage photograph was taken from.  This is done for every view point.

Below: Existing View:

Below: Existing View with proposed development as a transparency:
Known RL's and heights are indicated. The transparent image allows us to see the direct relationship between existing and proposed. This helps in the visual comparison and for checking of height relationships. It can seen from the image below, that the proposed development significantly impacts on existing views of skyline, shorelines and water.

Below: Photomontage of proposed development as a 3D solid block computer model:

Below: Verification Photomontage:
3D computer model of existing buildings is overlaid photograph.  Matched items such as ridges, roof shape, gutters, building footprint show that the computer perspective is reasonably accurate.  Once satisfied that we are as accurate as possible, the proposed development is then simply switched on. In this case we few elements to cross reference to, but those that we did have were matched very closely.