City of Canada Bay Council

Successful Land & environment Court Appeal 2003

Client = City of Canada Bay Council

Solicitors = Maddocks

Council were concerned about the extent of view loss from several properties surrounding a proposed development.  Plans were unavailable of surrounding buildings.  Pam drew up from site visit and photographs.

Extent of Work Included:

  • Comparison of Amended Height Option
  • Landscaping Issues
  • Proposed Development overlaid in transparent form to illustrate “Loss of View”
  • 3D Computer Perspectives illustrating existing and surrounding development.
  • Proof of Positioning
  • B & W Paanorama Photomontage (Red Outline)

3D model of proposed development and existing surrounding buildings.

View Reference Plan showing where photographs were taken from


Option 1 and 2 with Ridge RL's indicated

Proposed development and proposed landscaping.

In the process of researching plants indicated on plan for her photomontages, Pam noted that one species was known to be hazardous.  This and the heights of the plants proposed were thought to be a substantial factor and provided Council with the above image to illustrate her concerns.  This image became a deciding factor in the outcome of the Court Appeal.

Council provided the above panorama which showed one height pole.  Pams 3D model perspective matched the photograph exactly.  The red outline clearly illustratres the extent of view loss from this location.