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Vertical Shadow Diagrams

All our shadow diagrams are "SITE SPECIFIC", not generic. Vertical shadow diagrams are illustrated as an isometric perspective and as an elevation, of any neighbouring building that may be impacted. Typically we will provide a diagram for each hour between 9am and 3pm on Winter Solstice. In some cases, we have provided diagrams for every 15 minutes and for 1 month on either side of the solstice.

Below:Earl St, Randwick Vertical and Plan Shadow Diagrams submitted to Council Oct 2014:

2 sets of shadow diagrams were provided.  One set included shadow from an existing dense hedge planted along a boundary

Isometric Perspective and Elevation showing existing shadows (including hedge) and additional proposed

for Philip Abram Architects

Below: Screen snapshot of 3D computer model of proposed development, boundary hedge and neighbouring buildings.

Below: Plan Shadow showing existing shadow, additional shadow from proposed alterations, and solar access gained.

Below: No Survey information was available for the project below.  To double check that we were using a correct North point, a photograph was taken of existing shadow cast on a window and then compared to our diagrams.  The diagrams were shown to be very accurate.

Photograph of East Elevation showing existing shadow onto Window 2: