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Meritons, St Leonards


3 Tower Development, St. Leonards

The RTA provided Meritons with a building envelope to design within.  When we ran our shadows, we found there was impact on the Royal North Shore childcare centre and the Forum childcare centre.  Meritons provided new plans, but this still resulted in shadow impact.  Pam was asked to provide a building envelope that would minimize this problem.  Meritons then redesigned the project to suit.  Meritons successfully claimed compensation from the RTA.

Shadow diagrams were run in 15 minute increments to satisfy Council requirements. The diagram below is of a 3D RNS Childcare Centre at 8am Winter Solstice.

Below is 3D model of Meritons St.Leonards

Below: Meritons Hornsby - Shadow Diagrams on each balcony