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A common request by Architects and Project Developers is to determine which element of a proposed building is causing additional shadows.  We will then reduce same until the impact has been minimised to an acceptable level.  This can mean changing setbacks, reducing roof pitch or changing roof style.  Architects can then amend their plans accordingly. 


Above shadow diagrams provided to F & F Constructions for DA submission to Leichhardt Council

Below: Shadow Diagrams provided to Philip Abram Architects (2014) with and without boundary hedge

Isometric Perspective of "proposed" 3D computer model and existing neighbours. (Screen snapshot)

Above:Vertical Shadow Diagram showing existing shadow (including hedge) and additional shadow from proposed alterations at 1pm Winter Solstice. DA Submission to Randwick Council.

Plan Shadow Diagram showing existing shadow (including hedge), additional shadow and solar access gained from proposed alterations at 4pm Winter Solstice. For Philip Abram Architects 2014.

Our 3D computer model is a good test for the architects plans.  We will draw in 3D the way you would construct a building which highlights any inconsistencies.  The architect then has the opportunity to correct the plans prior to submission.

Shadow diagrams were requested by Woollahra Council, to illustrate 3 alternative roof pitches, a different roof style and alternative setbacks. Once the base model was drawn up, any changes become a very quick process.  Full sets of diagrams for Winter Solstice and an Equinox were provided within 8 hours.  This is something that can be done during a Land & Environment Court Appeal.  Alternatives have been faxed to the Court while a case is in progress to test alternative submissions.

These diagrams enabled the Architect to prove to Council what specific factors were responsible for shadows without the need of producing full architectural drawings.

for Michael Suttor Architects DA submission to Woollahra Council.

These diagrams were used to show Council the differences of two style of garage roof. It showed in this particular instance that at a 30 degree pitch affects shadows at eaves level only, not at ridge height. 

Below: Shadow Diagrams for DJN Design DA Submission to North Sydney Council