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Shadow Diagrams

We can provide "site specific" shadow diagrams for projects anywhere in the world.

Projects outside of NSW have included Cairns, Brisbane, Auckland (NZ) and Venice.

for SHADOW FLICKER diagrams, see Photomontages / Wind Turbines



We were asked to provide vertical shadow diagrams

and present them in a manner that was visibly accurate and easily understood.

Shadow Diagrams in plan, Vertical Shadow Diagrams, View Loss Objections, Photomontages. A client had a neighbour state that the shadow diagrams his architect had previously provided of a kitchen window were inaccurate. There was a concern that all future diagrams would be dismissed "out of hand" because of this.

We provided a sheet with the following images that successfully illustrated the accuracy of our 3D computer model and of the shadow diagrams. (Site access was unavailable).

2008 - Shadow Diagrams with trees

We create 3D trees that reflect the outline of actual trees on site to ascertain the extent of existing shadow impact.

We provide shadow diagrams with trees and without.


The photograph below was taken on 3/9/06 at 9:15am of the kitchen window.

We ran shadow for the same day and time on our 3D computer model.

The elevation drawing shows the computer shadows produced for the same time were identical.

This is an isometric perspective of the model and same shadows

Below is an isometric perspective of the existing neighbours and proposed alterations.

Neighbours buildings are typically drawn up from photographs, aerial (spatial) information, and boundary offsets measured on site by laser.

We then provided individual A4 sheets of shadows for every 15 minutes between 9am and 3pm Winter Solstice,

with and without the neighbours pergola.

Shadow Diagam (2pm Winter Solstice) in Plan showing






Land & Environment Court

We have provided this same sort of test for Land & Environment Court Appeals. Specifically, the court rang us from on site at Ashfield. They took a photograph of the shadows on a neighbours wall. 1 hour later, we faxed to the court, an isometric perspective of our model showing the shadows for the same time. The court then asked us to provide shadow diagrams for 2 roof alternatives. We faxed these diagrams direct to the court within the hour.

Test by Woollahra Council Townplanner Winter Solstice 2005

A neighbour of a Vaucluse property was concerned about additional shadow impact from a proposed alteration. Pam drew up the concerned neighbours courtyard and existing building and windows without survey information or plans. The courtyard level was obtained by dropping a tape over the boundary fence.

At 3pm on 21/06/2005 Winter Solstice a Woollahra Council Townplanner compared our Winter Solstice 3pm vertical shadow diagram with shadows on site . (We had previously provided Council with a diagram with measurements). Our diagram and the shadows were found to be within 10mm of each other which confirmed the high degree of accuracy we provide.

The process of producing shadow diagrams for Council submissions, objections, or Land & Environment Court Appeals involves the construction of a 3D model of the existing and neighbouring development and the proposed.

Base Data is used such as Surveys, Architectural plans, Photographs, Orthos and Site Visits. Where survey information is unavailable (i.e. neighbouring properties), a 3D model is built up from photographs and "tested" by inserting the model into a photograph and overlaying. Ridge height and building footprints can be accurately verified in this manner.

Shadows can be cast on a flat site, contoured site, on walls, windows, or balconies etc. Shadows can be produced for any minute, of any day, of any month, year or location. Locations are set by Longitude, Latitude and GMT.

Final format for Council Submissions generally consist of a plan view of proposed development showing both existing and proposed shadows, highlighting any incremental affect by the proposed development and any solar access gained.

As our computer models are 3D, we can provide shadow diagrams for any element or elevation. Typically we would provide for a Coucil D.A. Application:-

A3 or A4 shadow diagrams in plan for:-

  • Winter Solstice at 9am, 12n and 3pm, and an
  • Equinox at 9am, 12n and 3pm

A4 Vertical shadow diagrams:-

  • Winter Solstice at 9am, 12n and 3pm or hourly if needed. (we can run shadows for any year/month/day/hour/minute/second.
  • Vertical shadow diagrams are illustrated as an isometric perspective of any neighbouring building that may be impacted.