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Goomerah Cr, Darling Point for Morrison Design (2012)

Council expressed concern that proposed development could impact on existing view corridors from block of units across from site.  Morrison Design was unable to gain access to take photographs, so we used a camera fixed to a height pole (surveyors staff) placed at surveyed points and pre-determined heights.

Below: View Reference Plan to scale:
Position where photographs were taken was measured and recorded on a digital survey. 

View reference plan to scale

Below: View Reference Plan:
Includes photographs of elevated camera with remote access.

view reference

Below: View Point 1 - Photograph of existing view corridor:


Below: View Point 1 - Photograph with proposed as a transparency:


Below: View Point 1 - Photomontage of proposed development:


Below: View Point 1 - Verification Photomontage:
3D computer model of existing and surrounding buildings overlaid photograph with matched elements and RL's indicated.
When perspective is "verified", the proposed development is simply switched on.  In this case, we have matched ridge rls, roof shapes, gutter rls, parapet rls, building footprints and boundary fences.Verification

Below: View Point 2 - Photograph of existing view corridor:


Below: View Point 2 - Proposed as a transparency:


Below: View Point 2 - Photomontage of proposed as a 3D solid block computer model:

VP2- Solid