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Photomontages, View Loss Objections and Shadow Diagrams.  Pam Walls has been supplying "provable" photomontages to Council's and the Town Planning and Architectual community in NSW for 17 years now.  In 2004 we added New Zealand to our client base.

The process we use was developed in conjunction with Bruce Goldsmith BTP (Hons) LGTP.FRAPI to assist in Land and Environment Court Appeals and is unique to this company.  Our photomontages are very, very accurate. We have extensive verification processes in place for all our work.  All 3D models are built to RL's realtive to AHD.  We can also provide "proof of positioning" for our photomotages for verification of the perspective.

Check points which are typically ridge RL's (AHD), eaves RL's, building footprints and boundary fences are used to confirm that perspectives are minutely accurate.  An image of the existing buildings from the 3D model are overlaid in the photograph and all those check points must match exactly.  We then know our positioning is correct. 

We are finding that landscaping is becoming a more important factor with many proposals.  Height poles are put into our 3D model to predetermined heights and locations.  If landscape plans are provided, we build our model up plant by plant.

Changes can be made at any time.  The final product is provided as a set of A4 or A3 photo quality prints. Each set is made up of the existing photograph and the final photomontage and if required, a proof of positioning image.  In addition to the hard copies, we provide a burnt CD of all shadow diagrams and photomontages and a letter of authentication.



Sydney Harbour

NSW Country (Taralga)

Photomontages were provided as part of an objection to wind turbines


Many of our photomontages are of properties on Sydney Waterways

Canon EOS 550 Digital SLR Camera (17 megapixels) A2 photo quality prints

Photographs are taken at 29mm and at 50mm which is equivalent to what the eye sees.  We also will include a panorama of shots at both focal lengths. 

Photographs are taken travelling to the site, travelling away from the site and adjacent.  Hunters Hill Council recently requested numerous photographs leading up to a site and away from the site and at different distances away from the site.  Because we do this anyway so that we have a good selection of photographs to select from for the photomontage, we were able to provide the client with these additional images at no cost and within half an hour of the request.  

Equipment used:

Leica Disto Laser Distance Measuring Device

Magellan Sports Track GPS Receiver

Magellan Tracking Software 2004 for Australia

Tom Tom Satellite Navigation System

Dept of Lands Spatial Information Exchange Aerial Photographs