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To provide support documentation/images for objections to be submitted to Council.

Our photomontages provide graphic illustrations of visual impact on windows and existing view corridors. 
To provide a photomontage, besides the proposed development, as part of our process we draw up existing buildings including neighbours.  As all the modelling has been done, shadow diagrams can be provided very quickly. 

3D building envelopes can be added to illustrate bulk and non-compliance.

All documentation is suitable for Council submission and LEC appeals and hearings.

The process involves taking photographs from areas of concern. Locations are recorded so that we can provide a plan to scale of each location.  
Using survey information if available, we draw up a 3D CAD model of existing buildings.  All levels (RL's) are to AHD.

AHD    =    Australian Height Datum - geodetic datum for altitude measurement in Australia.
RL       =    Reduced Level - equating elevations of survey points with reference to a common assumed datum.