Leichhardt Council

Project:    Elliot St, Balmain for Leichhardt Council
                LEC Proceedings No:10430 of 2012 (successful)

Below: View Reference Plan to scale showing where photographs of site taken from.

Elliott St View Ref Plan

Below:View Point 1 - Photograph of existing development on site.Elliott St View Point 1-Exist

Below:View Point 1 - Photograph with proposed 3D block computer model of proposed.
In this particular case, the solicitors asked that the foreground vegetation not be shown.  "A development can not rely on existing trees and vegetation."

Below:View Point 1 - Verification Photomontage:

3D computer model of existing buildings per survey information has been overlaid photograph.  Matching elements and RL's are indicated.  Once the perspective is "verified", the proposed development is simply switched on. 

Below: View Point 2 - Panorama of 2 photographs. 50mm Focal Length (35mm equivalent) maintained.
(50-55mm focal length is accepted by LEC as "what they eye sees").

Below: View Point 2 - Photomontage of proposed development without vegetation.