Minimbah Rd, Northbridge

Project: Minimbah Rd, Northbridge

Architect: Fiala Ooi Architects

Brief: Draw up 3D computer model to provide any number of perspectives from various locations.

Take photographs in LEC acceptable manner for use by all sides and under direction of the Commissioner.

To provide support information/graphics for view corridor photomontages to satisfy objecting neighbours and Council. All documents provided represented the combined efforts of Pam Walls and architects.

It should be noted that the accuracy of the 3D model and 63 pages of photomontages and support documentation was accepted by all sides without question.

Photographs were taken with:-

a. 50mm (35mm equivalent) focal length individually and as a series to be used in a panorama.

b. 28mm (35mm equivalent) to include peripheral view individually and as a series for a panorama.

c. photograph of either the commissioner, planner or solicitor to serve as a photographic record of where each photograph was taken from.  Locations were also site measured by RAW Clerk of Works, using our surveying equipment.  The measurements taken were limited to time available on site.