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3D building Envelopes



* Site Specific SHADOW DIAGRAMS (Plan & Vertical). Shadow diagrams are used to ascertain any additional impact, or of solar access gained. Every project is drawn up in 3D. Ground surfaces, steps, paths, driveways, retaining walls, pergolas, are all included. This gives us a very detailed and accurate diagram of existing shadow, additional shadow, and any solar access that may be gained by the changes.

* PHOTOMONTAGE is a representation of what a proposed development or alterations will look like, before it is built. This is different to an architects elevation which is something that is not generally visually seen. A photomontage will demonstrate any changes in context with surrounding development and more importantly, the scale and perspective will be "what the eye sees". Photomontages also provide an excellent tool to evaluate any possible impact on existing views currently being enjoyed.

All works follow the necessary criteria that they can be used at Council approval stage and at Land and Environment Court appeals and hearings. As part of our services, we provide:-

* View Corridor Photomontages for objections to developments & support documentation at both Council stage and LEC appeals. 

* 3D Building Envelopes that follow current and previous DCP and LEP guidelines.

* Shadow Diagrams

* Drafting DA and CC, Structural Steel Working Drawings,

* Construction (since 1978) - offices in Corang Road, Westleigh. NSW


Pam Walls has been supplying shadow diagrams and "provable" photomontages to Council's and the Town Planning and Architectural community in NSW for 16 years now. In 2004 we added New Zealand to our client base.

The process we use was developed in conjunction with Bruce Goldsmith BTP (Hons) LGTP.FRAPI to assist in Land and Environment Court Appeals and is unique to this company. Our shadow diagrams and photomontages are very, very accurate. We have extensive verification processes in place for all our work. All 3D models are built to RL's relative to AHD. We can run shadows for any longitude and latitude, any date and time which can then be compared to shadows on site. We can also provide "proof of positioning" for our photomotages for verification of the perspective.

Costs are kept to a minimum. We construct a 3D block computer model for shadow diagrams, and then add facade and landscaping detail for the next step which is a photomontage. Changes can be made simply and very quickly. Because of our extensive building knowledge, changes become a quick phone call. Revised plans are generally not required.

R.A. Walls Constructions is becoming acknowledged as providing a high degree of accuracy and building knowledge. In 2005 our scope of works expanded to include redrawing plans that can be defended in court appeals without fear of inaccuracies.

Typical package consists of:

A3 site specific Shadow Diagrams in Plan for 8am, or 9am,12n and 3pm or 4pm Winter Solstice and an Equinox. These will show extent of existing shadows, any additional proposed shadows and any solar access gained)

A4 Isometric Shadow Diagrams of any southern neighbours for 9am, 12n, and 3pm Winter Solstice. Hourly if there is an issue.

A4 Photo quality prints of existing and photomontage.

View reference plan to scale showing where the photograph was taken from in relationship to the site.

Letter of authentication for Council & LEC

Affidavit for Land & Environment Court if required and/or Statement of Evidence.

The cost depends greatly on the size and detail of the proposed development, how much digital information is available (survey) and how contoured the site is and if photographs from the water are required.